Illusion commented on a Page, Blackjack Race  -  Apr 25, 2018

Why am I seeing these symbols instead of hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds in your print screen? Is there a way to fix this so i can view the nice symbols?

Example: cards: ♦2 ♥2 ♥K :: T

Degausser  -  Apr 25, 2018

Something to do with the character encoding. you may need to upgrade mIRC, not entirely sure. The symbols are just for aesthetics though. This reference may help in getting proper character display:

If you still can't get it working, you can make a little edit within the script and step around it:

Line 102: alias -l suits return ♣♠♥♦
Replace it with: alias -l suits return cshd

This will let you use a letter in reference to suit, rather than a card symbol

Illusion  -  Apr 25, 2018

Thanks I will give the update a try. BTW....the game is awesome. You did a great job. I was able to see it thru a liteirc platform and thru mibbit and it looked great. Kudos to you!

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