cptpan commented on a Page, Pandoras Talking Bot  -  Sep 07, 2017

Can you please make this work?

blackvenomm666  -  Sep 08, 2017

unless you find someone else that knows what they are doing unfortunately this will prolly not be fixed fordlawnmower seems to have been mia from here since 2015

cptpan  -  Sep 12, 2017

Yeah it's f ucked FLM was the best coder there is and ever was

blackvenomm666  -  Sep 13, 2017

i wouldn't say the best but yes he's a great coder. so was napa182, jethro, lots of others i use to hang out in chats with all gone now. i learned a lot from all of them

blackvenomm666  -  Sep 13, 2017

unfortunately socket scripts are not my thing

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