rebel9 commented on a Page, mINFO - System info  -  Jun 09, 2017


pwnflakes  -  Jul 10, 2017

There's no real benefit to not using a DLL, except for paranoid relief. The source for this will be going up soon anyway :) I've compared mINFO to the mSL+WMI methods and a DLL seems to be faster. Even DarkEngine was faster, and there is also a live preview in mINFO which you couldn't do with mSL alone. Also I think many will find the easily customisable quick string to their liking (.cpu. etc)

rebel9  -  Jul 10, 2017

I think you're caring too much about systeminfo to want to use a .dll for this. its 2017, we don't use that shit anymore, lol. Good work though I guess? wrong era for .dll's. Really, mirc is out of date, everyone is on irssi, weechat, hexchat, and webchats with hexip revealing themselves and irccloud with the notorious bug to grab ip's. Sir, get up to date! :D

pwnflakes  -  Jul 12, 2017

It's nothing to do with caring too much; some things you cannot retrieve through WMI, and certain things like the output preview also cannot be done afaik. Did you honestly just say we don't use DLL's anymore in 2017? I'm not sure what world you live in but dll's are integral to many things everywhere. Even if you just mean with mIRC plugins, mSL simply can't do everything lol.

mIRC is out of date but still arguably one of the best and most extensible clients for Windows. It still gets updates and is just as stable as the next client! Do you still use it at all? I'd love to share some things with you!

rebel9  -  Jul 15, 2017

Yes I use it, I can write mSL myself but if you have some things you could show me that are better than what I do, I'd be happy to take a look. +6697. i don't need all those extra things you can't retrieve through WMI is why it doesn't matter to me, and I pull a lot of information through my method.

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