ernestoamigos   -  Jun 08, 2017

Hello guys i'm new here so if i'm not on the right place to post this, sorry. I need an IRC bot/script for :
I want to open multiple windows or multiple irc's with different users to join a channel and to spam a text that i've wrote.
I want to have something like button that i can click after that it popups small windows saying and i can type something like "hello it's me" and every account/nickname from the window to spam after the keyword an number between 11 and 150 randomized, is this even possible? or any other solution to that what i want? ... it will be very kind from someone to help me out ...thanks in advance.

nateferguson  -  17 days ago

Hi ernestoamigos. Have you been through other threads over here? I don't think you have because if you did you would have seen that the question that you are asking specifically has been asked by dozens of other users as well and some have gotten their response as well. A fellow mate from my do my paper team has also asked the similar query and he got his unanswered because the question has been asked numerous time and it is a waste of time.

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