fastjoy77 commented on a Page, mIRC Announcer v0.5  -  Feb 28, 2017

Work 100%
it would be nice if it also makes the search for release

OrFeAsGr  -  Feb 28, 2017

Hi! Do you mean search through that list for a specific release or search for that title elsewhere???

fastjoy77  -  Mar 01, 2017

search a specific release

OrFeAsGr  -  Mar 03, 2017

Hey man, i added a search command! Check it out!

fastjoy77  -  Mar 11, 2017

it's possible add double search?

type : !pre xvid english

OrFeAsGr  -  Mar 12, 2017

yeah it is, i'll add it out soon

fastjoy77  -  Mar 16, 2017

search no works :(

fastjoy77  -  Mar 28, 2017

OrFeAsGr search dont' work

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