Candent commented on a Page, Youtube Link Parser v0.2  -  Feb 25, 2017 using the time code, it does not work.
But i like this addon. I like the way it displays the information.
OrFeAsGr, maybe you fix it?

OrFeAsGr  -  Feb 28, 2017

Thanks for letting me know! I fixed this! You can copy & paste the script again and it will work!!!

Candent  -  Mar 03, 2017

Thank you, It works very well.

Candent  -  Mar 12, 2017

If someone has two channels or more and uses a command /ame(amsg), it displays information in a one window.
I guess it can not be repaired?

OrFeAsGr  -  Mar 12, 2017

not sure, i'll check it out..

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