HeRiNo   -  Feb 06, 2017


who can make for me a new .seen script? Working on .seen and not on !seen. Its for on an Unreal server. The script should only be used by @ ops or higher. Working on mIRC, (is the latest version at the moment of writing this) Is this possible? We can talk about a reasonable fee.

Best Regards, HeRiNo.

raccoon  -  Feb 09, 2017

Now you have to exactly define what YOU think a .seen script is supposed to do. Very specifically. Down to the procedural molecule of exactly what you want to happen because of why and when.

You get one shot of being as specific as possible, a fee agreed upon, the script gets written, and any added features or changes cost more.

HeRiNo  -  Feb 10, 2017

Hello raccoon,

for me the .seen script should only work for operators. And respond to .seen and not !seen.
then it should have the usal options like
at .seen:
looking for your self
never seen
in the room
part the room
quit the server
last said
nick changed
kick / bannd in ..... at date - time
is now in.........
And it should be made in a way that is is easy to edit the reasons. That is because it is gonna be used on a Dutch server.
It would be nice if dat and time also are showen. date in dd-mm-yyyy

Best regards, Herman.

raccoon  -  Feb 10, 2017

Is this supposed to track people by their nicknames? What if they change nicknames? Their addresses? What if they connect from another address? Their nickserv accounts? What if they have more than one of them, or none at all?

I also can't work with "the usual options, like" because I don't know what the usual options are. I don't even know what the command parameters are supposed to be.

HeRiNo  -  Feb 10, 2017

'The usal options' I described after the word like.
It may track registred and unregistred nick names
If they change nicknames? I dont know what you can do with that.
I guess when they connect from another adress they can't be tracked

I can't script so let me know what you can do against what price? Then I can say yes or no


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