OrFeAsGr commented on a Page, Pokedex Script ( With GEN7 + Mega)  -  Jan 03, 2017

On the scripting part i might would suggest writing the data on hashtables. They are a lot faster.. but since you're not scanning the .txt files on your own.. (mIRC does it for you) i think the difference would be like .. 0.5 seconds or something..
An other idea is to host the files somewhere like pastebin and make a script download them. So the users dont have to.
I can help with both if you need

Alexandru  -  Apr 04, 2017

Hash tables work with allocated memory to mirc so even hash are fast, sometimes errors must occur, in dependence. Working with files, is not so fast, but is more secure and more better than using hash. Hash was in the past and nowadays having a good computer hash or files are practically no difference (10-100ms is just a difference?), especially if you have a SSD. Nowadays is better to work with files that is more secure, you have free allocated memory and is more easy to script through, than to use hash.

In this example, is stupid to use hash, because the txt files contain many tokens and is stupid to load so many tokens in hash tables or to combine hash with read and write.

When the people understand that hash is working with allocated memory and is good to use when you have a slow cpu? If you have a good computer, you can forget about hash :)

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