rebel9 commented on a Page, DNS-Resolver  -  Jan 02, 2017

You've done good for yourself westor, not just this code but you as a coder, I watched you ask questions, I see you now answering them and figuring things out for yourself, uploading code, changing up the style of running a bot. I like what you've done man, I wouldn't change my bot from my ways but yours is nice 4 sure bro. Good job. Came a long way, I just hope you arent wasting all that energy on just mrc files. I'm personally working with GAS syntax in assembly and have been for a few years, along with C/C++. Don't waste all your talent in one spot!

^WeSt  -  Jan 03, 2017

Thank you bro, i really having the coding as hobby is not my head job, i really enjoy scripting codes especially to mSL because i started by my self years ago and i was especially focused into that part, i have in my plants to go over but since now my time is limit so i am just having fun, thanks for your good feedback!!!

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