^WeSt commented on a Page, [HELP] /DNS command  -  Dec 13, 2016

If you search more into this website you may find that you want: http://hawkee.com/search/dns/

xfisthebest  -  Dec 14, 2016

i first viewed all of them but i didn't found to get ipv4 and all ipv6 address also if there is one, it gives errors.

^WeSt  -  Dec 14, 2016

I will add in my to-do list in order to create an module with that feature, soon! - stay tuned...

xfisthebest  -  Dec 19, 2016

fast please i need it urgent :/

^WeSt  -  Dec 19, 2016

if you hurry go learn MSL and build it by your self, i am not gonna do it fast, if you want fast give money to do it for you.

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