XxBonf1r3xX commented on a Page, Weather script for mIRC  -  Nov 11, 2016

How I can make my BOT to send !weather and !w commands with /me color code? How I need to edit this script to make this work?

Thank you for your phenomenal script my friend.

dma  -  Nov 11, 2016

thats all you have to do is !w or !weather thats what i do with mine

XxBonf1r3xX  -  Nov 11, 2016

But would it be possible to do it automatically, if I do "!weather /me " with Ankhbot it won't work.

For example my BOT's color is red, so when I do "!weather /me" my BOT would answer me with a red text instead of default white text.

duckz  -  Nov 04, 2017

How might I use another trigger say !weatherforX represent !weather 90210; in another script I could use $weatherm(90210,W) with trigger !bhweather ...

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