Mi9 commented on a Page, IRC Python Stats Bot Script! v0.3  -  Oct 02, 2016

what #hellas do in line 78 ?

Add options to reply to CTCP version, ping, time :)

OrFeAsGr  -  Oct 03, 2016

hey :D sorry i was testing it on my channel and forgot to change xD please change it to CHAN
Also thanks xD i actually wanted to add that but forgot! I'll do it later!

Mi9  -  Oct 04, 2016

It's possible to make the script to run from mIRC for active channel? Something like this /run statspy.py $chan
I hope you understend what i'm try to say, my english is very bad :D

OrFeAsGr  -  Oct 06, 2016

Hi again! So.. i'm not sure about this but this could work provided that you haven't changed any of the python scripts lines. A better way to do this is to write the channel and network in a .txt and then reading it with python to get the values. But this kinda worked for me.
do !py server channel
replace server with the server you want and channel with the channel you want!
Good luck!

ON *:TEXT:*:#: {
  if ($1 == !py) {
    write -l10 <script path here>  HOST = $+(",$strip($2),")
    write -l11 <script path here> CHAN = $+(",$strip($3),")
    run py <script path here>
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