WiZaRD_ commented on a Page, The Pirate Bay Searcher! [NOT WORKING NEED HELP]  -  Aug 22, 2016

Dont work!!

OrFeAsGr  -  Aug 22, 2016

Out of rush i forgot to write lines to handle: 0 results and "Database maintenance" message of ThePirateBay.org !
So now when no results are found the bot will respond with the apropriate message!
And when The Pirate Bay is under maintenance the bot will make 3 attempts in a space of 30 seconds! Most of the times it works in the first "reload" but sometimes takes more :)
Let me know if something else isn't working! Have fun!

dma  -  Aug 23, 2016

is this working now?

dma  -  Aug 24, 2016

nothing is doing with this script.. im shocked at you.. normally your my man.. dunno what happen here

dma irc.axon.pw #irc

OrFeAsGr  -  Sep 03, 2016

@dma it works fine when i use it... if you didnt copy the newest script please do so and also do /unset %pbay.*
before retrying it!

OrFeAsGr  -  Sep 04, 2016

well.. as i discovered today there is a little bug somewhere in the code.. i will fix it and update it asap

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