raccoon commented on a Page, Help with script  -  Jul 28, 2016
On ^*:HOTLINK:$($raccoonislove($1)):#
ALIAS raccoonislove { ; by Raccoon 2016
  if ($mouse.key != 1) return   
  var %nick = $regsubex($regsubex($1,/[^][A-Za-z0-9}{^`|\_-]/g,),/^[^][A-Za-z}{^`|\_]/,)
  if (%nick ison #) {
    ; if (/* !iswm $editbox(#)) return
    if ($editbox(#) == $null) editbox -ap %nick $+ :
    else editbox -ap $editbox(#) %nick
} }

This only works by fluke. If you were to click on any other word that isn't a known and present nickname, the click wouldn't trigger HOTLINK unless you also wiggled the mouse a bit. This might not work in a future version.

The reason for $raccoonislove is so as not to interrupt default clicking behaviors, like selecting the nickname within the nicklist or opening a query window on double-click. This, too, is a hack. But it works.

Un-comment that one line if you only want this to work at the end of ready-typed /commands.

This is going to need more work if you want to recognize nicknames encapsulated in nickname appropriate characters, like -Nick- or [Nick]. So, it probably won't work on /notices or /ctcps sent to you.

xfisthebest  -  Jul 28, 2016

how does this work? i put your codes in remote scripts. but when i click the nick nothing happenes
im click nickname which reply in channel not ctcp or notice

raccoon  -  Aug 10, 2016

Make sure you are using the latest version of mIRC; No excuses. It works fine for me. It only works in channels. You should be able to click any occurrence of a nickname that is currently in the channel, whether it's between brackets or just typed out by another user, as well as Join and Mode and other events.

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