OrFeAsGr commented on a Page, OrFeAsGr's Scripts Updates Checker!  -  Jun 14, 2016

How you can use this for your own scripts update checker!
SImple Steps!

  1. Change the site address to your site/cloud or whatever you store stuff in!
  2. Make a .txt and make a single-word ID for each one of your scripts and save it to that site/saving space.
    2a. Format of lines should be: ID > version
  3. Rename the %OrFeAsGr-Scripts-List if you want to use both mine and your updates checker.
  4. Change the /versions.txt to the directory of your .txt on your site/saving space.
  5. Ready! You have your own update checker for your scripts! :)

    Additional Ideas:
    Add short comments for the version of your script!
    Simply change the format of each line to:
    ID > version > comment(s)
    And use $4 or $4- in the SOCKREAD event to get the comments!

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