ovelayer commented on a Page, WESTOR Module Manager  -  Jun 11, 2016

really like the idea..however when i try to install a module i get a fatal error Code: 007

^WeSt  -  Jun 12, 2016

What mIRC version you use?
What Operating System you use?

If you disable the Antivirus + Firewall does this continue?

ovelayer  -  Jun 14, 2016

Mirc v.7.45
Windows 7
No av or firewall

^WeSt  -  Jun 26, 2016

Try to use the 2.8 version and reply me again if you have any errors.

^WeSt  -  Jun 27, 2016


Thanks for the report, i was able to reproduce this critical bug and i fixed it into the 2.8 version try to use the new one.

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