^WeSt commented on a Page, Advanced Google Bot Search  -  May 16, 2016

I had create an addon Google-Search you can download it via this manager

More informations here: http://hawkee.com/snippet/17050/

commy  -  May 23, 2016

Sweet, thanks West. I've ran your module, and per your instructions there should be a seperate set of options for the Google module, but I cannot find them anywhere. It's properly loaded, it's working, but there's no dialogue popups for further option tweaking. Nothing in the pop-up for the module installer lets me further config the google module.

^WeSt  -  May 24, 2016

You can open the Google-Search module settings dialog from Menubar or /wgs_sets command.

  • Thanks!
Protheus  -  Nov 27, 2016

I have a question about your Google search: There is a slightly annoying series of characters (➜) i can't seem to edit out of the code. Would you mind telling me where i can find it?

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