ViLLaNo- commented on a Page, Youtube Script (Parse Vids and Search) v6.5  -  Mar 26, 2016

bro... i've got mIRC v7.32... i've copied and pasted the code and saved like says uphere... but when i paste or anybody paste a link... it doesn't show the script action... :(

illhawkthat  -  Mar 26, 2016

@ViLLaNo- If you have earlier than v7.35 you will need to either update your client or download an OpenSSL library for compatibility. Ref.
Let me know if updating your client or downloading OpenSSL doesn't fix this for you. The new youtube API requires sockets to be over SSL.

ViLLaNo-  -  Mar 26, 2016

that's happens when i install mirc 7.44

19:19                @ViLLaNo- ¦
19:19 :      +NegroMaLo ¦

  • /sockopen: 'youtube.7847989' socket in use (line 259, youtube.mrc)
    19:19 <+NegroMaLo> YouTube Title: Years & Years - King (Official Video) Views: 136,694,824 Length: 3:55 Likes: 652,741

don't read others links, just the link posted with the nick with the script

illhawkthat  -  Mar 26, 2016

It looks like you and someone else posted the same link at the same time so the script parsed the first occurence and not the second one. Unless it's doing that every time? Let me know server/channel if you want me to come debug

ViLLaNo-  -  Mar 26, 2016

it still happens... in every chan... i'm on irc hispano in #uruguay and #xpresion-latina

22:59 ?              +ViLLaNo- ¦

  • /sockopen: 'youtube.21023037' socket in use (line 260, youtube.mrc)
    22:59 <+ViLLaNo-> YouTube Title: Muse - Psycho [Official Lyric Video] Views: 31,071,861 Length: 5:51 Likes: 253,513
ViLLaNo-  -  Mar 26, 2016

i've fixed it, thanks for the help, it was a number wrong don't worry

illhawkthat  -  Mar 27, 2016

Great, glad you got it working!

Alejandro  -  Jun 29, 2016

Can someone help me? I don't understand this, i need to copy all that in my script?

Alejandro  -  Jun 29, 2016

I copy all that in my mirc and it didn't work, anyone know what is the problem?

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