Somsubhra1 commented on a Page, Youtube advanced search  -  Jan 20, 2016

Not working anymore, please fix it.
[22:27:55] @youtube whiskey
[22:27:56] YouTube Searching Youtube........

Stewie1k94  -  Jan 20, 2016

[11:28am] <~GoneNotHereK> @Youtube Whiskey
[11:28am] <&ThunderBolt> YouTube Searching Youtube........
[11:28am] <&ThunderBolt> YouTube Title: Scotch Experts Review Cheap Whiskey User: BuzzFeedBlue Added: 3 months ago Views: 1,493,966
[11:28am] <&ThunderBolt> YouTube Title: how to drink whiskey like a sir User: CineStreamChannel Added: 3 years ago Views: 1,070,801
[11:28am] <&ThunderBolt> YouTube Title: Women Drink Whiskey For The First Time User: BuzzFeedVideo Added: 1 year ago Views: 4,916,711
[11:28am] <&ThunderBolt> YouTube Title: Whiskey vs. Scotch vs. Bourbon | Whiskey Guide User: Howcast Added: 1 year ago Views: 81,887

Somsubhra1  -  Jan 21, 2016

This not even showing "Searching youtube". No commands work in this for me. BTW if you don't mind then why don't you tell me your irc server and the channel, I'll join there and we can talk there freely about the scripts.

ovelayer  -  Jan 21, 2016

Fordlawnmower no longer supports his scripts...use this one instead
The author is a great guy and supports his imo its the best youtube script out there

Stewie1k94  -  Jan 21, 2016

@Somsubhra1 - Maybe update your mIRC to the latest version, I am on the latest version and worked perfectly for me.

I am away until Monday though but would happily assist you on Swift when I am home

@ovelayer - would probably be better if he did use that one since its using the API, it's bothering me he's claiming the script don't work. I wouldn't post it if I wasn't sure.

Stewie1k94  -  Jan 21, 2016

@Somsubhra1 - sorry but I forgot I'd left in my channel in the on TEXT and that's probably why it won't work. Sorry.

Somsubhra1  -  Jan 21, 2016

Yes, now it worked, Thanks. BTW what's your channel on swiftirc? Can you also fix this script.... This too doesn't work for me. Thanks in advance :)

Stewie1k94  -  Jan 21, 2016

Yes. I will try when I am home. Swift is also great for help. :)

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