Stewie1k94   -  Jan 13, 2016

@Hawkee - I was wondering about the code edit boxes for snippets/scripts which don't seem to be read only? I'm finding it a big issue and sometimes have to refresh the page..

Hawkee  -  Jan 13, 2016

This just allows folks to edit the code before they copy it for their own purposes. What issue is it causing?

Stewie1k94  -  Jan 14, 2016

It's not that it's causing an issue really, sometimes I've accidentally hit CTRL + X instead of C and cut the whole thing from my page. It's not actually much of a big deal and figured this was why it was like this (for people to pre-edit.) I've just always been wondering about it and figured I may as well just ask what it's about.

Keep up the good work, though! This site has improved so much since I joined. :)

Hawkee  -  Jan 14, 2016

Ah I see. It's not a major feature and I kinda left it in there just in case. If it comes up again I may just remove it.

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