ovelayer commented on a Page, TrivScript 4.8 (Updated)  -  Dec 04, 2015

it needs a questions.txt file where can we get that?

CrazyDriver  -  Dec 06, 2015

You can put the questions.txt file in the same directory and go to your bot, right click > Trivia > Trivia Options > click 'add' under the part where it says Nick / Network and search for the questions.txt file and it will work! :)

ovelayer  -  Dec 06, 2015

That didnt answer my questin lol...u did not supply a questions.txt...where can we get it?

CrazyDriver  -  Dec 06, 2015

Oh, want me to upload the questions.txt file? I didn't get one originally when I first got the Script as I did them myself, but will upload and give a link to the post.

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