Sorasyn   -  Dec 02, 2015

Hello, friends. Anyone still alive out there?

^WeSt  -  Dec 03, 2015


Hawkee  -  Dec 03, 2015

Hello hello!

Sorasyn  -  Dec 03, 2015

Hello @^WeSt @Hawkee !

Hawkee, I hear you started up a new website for your drone projects?

Hawkee  -  Dec 03, 2015

@Sorasyn Yes, it is called RotorBuilds.

Sorasyn  -  Dec 09, 2015

@Hawkee Very cool. It looks like it's doing well. I see you're using the Hawkee website design. ;)

I'm curious. Is it common to use carbon fiber chassis for drones? Is there an advantage to using it over another material?

Hawkee  -  Dec 09, 2015

It's probably the ideal material, but it can be costly, especially for larger rigs. The advantage is that it's strong and lightweight.

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