gzahid commented on a Page, CSV to mySQL - Create Table and Insert Data  -  Nov 04, 2015


I keep getting error on "Please provide a file name\n"; exit; "

Does the file name that user upload has to be "filename.csv" Also I am getting Null for $argv

I am first uploading the file to server which is loading fine, and then running this.

if(empty($errors)==true){ // start upload

            $host = 'localhost';
            $user = 'root';
            $pass = 'root';
            $database = 'db_name';

            $db = mysql_connect($host, $user, $pass);
            mysql_query("use $database", $db);

            // Parameters: filename.csv table_name

            $argv = $_SERVER[argv];

            if($argv[1]) { $file = $argv[1]; }
            else {
                echo "Please provide a file name\n"; exit; 
            if($argv[2]) { $table = $argv[2]; }
            else {
                $table = pathinfo($file);
                $table = $table['filename'];

            // Get the first row to create the column headings

            $fp = fopen($file, 'r');
            $frow = fgetcsv($fp);

            foreach($frow as $column) {
                if($columns) $columns .= ', ';
                $columns .= "`$column` varchar(250)";

            $create = "create table if not exists $table ($columns);";
            mysql_query($create, $db);

            // Import the data into the newly created table.

            $file = $_SERVER['PWD'].'/'.$file;
            $q = "load data infile '$file' into table $table fields terminated by ',' ignore 1 lines";
            mysql_query($q, $db);

        } // end upload

Thanks for all your help in advance.

Hawkee  -  Nov 05, 2015

Are you running this from your browser or the command line? This is a command line script, so the file name comes in as a second argument.

gzahid  -  Nov 08, 2015

I am running it from browser not command line.

Thanks for responding quickly.

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