ovelayer commented on a Page, Weather script for mIRC  -  Oct 16, 2015

keep getting this error now..

(Fri 8:35pm) BOTABUSE Unknown command

i see it on line 66 in your script as
alias wunderground {
unset %wu_*

but i find no alias for it?

rebel9  -  Oct 24, 2015

Then delete the 'botabuse' line, or create a botabuse alias that disables users from spam. Here's one I found within 30 seconds of searching for it, and it's by eqrunner.

alias botabuse {

  var %botabuse_count = $hget(botabuse ,$nick)
  if (%botabuse_count > 60 ) {
    .notice $nick is citing bot abuse. $me is now ignoring you.
    .notice eqrunner -IGNORED- $nick
    .msg BotServ ACT $chan adds $nick to $me $+ 's ignore list
    hinc -zm botabuse $nick 1800
    echo -s IGNORED: $nick on $chan at $date(mm/dd/yyyy) $time(HH:nn.ss)
    ignore -pcntikdu1800 $nick
  if ($nick isop #) { hinc -zm botabuse $nick 15 }
  if ($nick ishop #) { hinc -zm botabuse $nick 30 }
  if ($nick isvoice #) { hinc -zm botabuse $nick 30 }
  if ($nick isreg #) { hinc -zm botabuse $nick 35 }
eqrunner  -  Dec 17, 2016

Correct. It is for the additional bot abuse script I created.

You can simply comment out or delete that line.

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