ovelayer commented on a Page, Youtube Script (Parse Vids and Search) v6.5  -  Oct 13, 2015

one thing i noted is that this script creates and leave's a bunch of var's...
anyway to clean those once the script is done msgin the output?

illhawkthat  -  Oct 13, 2015

So sorry about that! Try this:

alias clearvars  { var %t $calc($var(%youtube.*,0) + $var(%botflood*,0) + $var(%url*,0) + $var(%ysearch.*,0) + $var(%website.*,0) + $var(%sockreader,0)) | unset %sockreader | unset %youtube.* | unset %botflood* | unset %ysearch.* | unset %wa* | unset %url* | echo -atc info Unset $calc(%t - 2) variables }

Put this in the script and then type /clearvars into mIRC

ovelayer  -  Oct 15, 2015

anyway you could impliment it into the next update so it automatically does it? would be most appreciated

rebel9  -  Oct 26, 2015

set a timer for it, '//timer 0 1337 clearvars' in your irc bot, or add it in the script like that.

illhawkthat  -  Oct 26, 2015

Sorry for the late reply, been a little busy and a lot lazy. I do have this on my list and will work on an update to come within the next week.
Thanks for pointing this out!

illhawkthat  -  Nov 03, 2015

@rebel9 @ovelayer I think this is fixed in v6.2 - let me know if you still have issues. Thanks!

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