John0877 commented on a Page, Youtube Script (Parse Vids and Search) v6.5  -  Oct 08, 2015

What do I change to make it $notice me or echo to me and not publicly msg the channel?

illhawkthat  -  Oct 08, 2015

Hey @John0877 just to make sure I understand your question, are you talking about when you share a link to the channel, or when you do a search?

John0877  -  Oct 08, 2015

when the script outputs to the channel normally. I dont need the search so thats disabled. I just dont want it to msg the channel but rather echo to me or notice to me instead
Would be a cool option to add into the dialog in a future version possibly too.

John0877  -  Oct 12, 2015

Ive looked at the code and I can only see it msging the channel in case of error. I know Im missing something but Id like to change it to notice instead for the youtube link information.

illhawkthat  -  Oct 13, 2015

@John0877 the easiest/quickest way to do this is do ctrl+f to search for "msg $chan" and replace all occurrences with "notice $nick" I'll definitely look into adding this as an option in a dialog box in the future, but can you let me know if that works for now?

John0877  -  Oct 13, 2015

I replaced every instance of "msg $chan" with "notice $nick" and unloaded/loaded the script. It still somehow msgs the channel. O.o

illhawkthat  -  Oct 26, 2015

@John0877 Sorry for the late reply, been a little busy and a lot lazy. I do have this on my list and will work on an update to come within the next week.
Thanks for pointing this out!

illhawkthat  -  Oct 26, 2015

Oops comment posted twice and not sure how to delete

John0877  -  Nov 03, 2015

Ive been looking for a 6.2 for the last like 2 weeks :(

illhawkthat  -  Nov 03, 2015

@John0877 thanks for your patience and sorry for the delay! Can you update to v6.2 and enable the "Notice Only Mode" in options and let me know if that accomplishes what you were trying to do? Thanks!

John0877  -  Nov 08, 2015

I installed the 6.2 version and enabled the notice mode and it doesnt notice me when someone pastes a youtube url. I even went into the script and tried to find where it said notice $nick and changed to notice $me and it still isnt working.
I just want it to show to only me when someone pastes a youtube url not anyone else. Actualy I suspect it wouldnt be too difficult to add an echo mode as well, would it? For the notices mode, maybe a few sub-options of who to notice, yourself, the channel, or a particular user maybe. If that last part is too much work, I will understand. :) The echo part would be cooler I guess.

illhawkthat  -  Nov 14, 2015

@John0877 Try this: - I edited lines 206 and 303 to be echo instead of notice, see the changes here: (see the differences: ) Let me know if this works!

John0877  -  Nov 15, 2015

That works great, thanks!

John0877  -  Nov 16, 2015

I was confused before but since youd changed it to the echo I can kinda see what to change to make it how I like it. with the echo -a it msged whichever channel was active which meant someone pasting a url in one channel would show the description in another. so i googled the echo command parameters and tweaked it slightly. I changed echo -a to echo 04 -t $chan $+ and now its perfect :D

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