ovelayer commented on a Page, Weather script for mIRC  -  Sep 26, 2015

Ever thought of adding !moonphase/!phase trigger that would display the different moon phases and their dates? Dont know if u can but it would be cool

eqrunner  -  Sep 28, 2015

Done! I uploaded version 5.44. You currently get the percentage of illumination, and the age of Moon when you use the command !moon or !moonphase.

I am not up on the status of the moon, So you may need to adjust to what you need. Hope this helps.

ovelayer  -  Sep 29, 2015

nice i really like it
(Tue 7:37pm) <~xXBERTOXx> !moonphase
(Tue 7:37pm) <~BrAiNs> 99004's Moon is 94% illuminated. Age: 17 days
is there anyway to add more info to it? like !moon would give the current moonphase but !moonphase would give the current moonphase and the dates of the expected changes to the moonphase leading up to the fullmoonphase? or u could just use !fullmoon to show when the next expected date of the full moon would be..
but awsome job this is a NICE addition

eqrunner  -  Dec 17, 2016

That I can not. Wundergound does not have any entries for those. They only have the following options for moon.

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