commy commented on a Page, TVRage  -  Sep 23, 2015

So like most people, I've loved using this for years. Alas, tvrage seems to have come to an end. Anyone know of any similar scripts that are working using a different site?

James405  -  Sep 23, 2015

Same here, seems unlikely tvrage will be returning in the near future. Would be amazing to see this ported over to the tvdb

SRU  -  Apr 10, 2016

First of all... sorry for the late reply... haven't really done any coding the last couple of years

Anyways... haven't had a look at TVDB's api... but have made one for TVMaze's api...
Not something I currently wanna share tho... since it's not really user friendly
but will have a look now and see if anything else is out...
if not I might give My script some makeup on and upload a version that's a bit more user friendly then what I'm using

ovelayer  -  May 08, 2017

currently tvmaze is the only working script out as tvrage went down

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