ProIcons   -  Sep 10, 2015

I Was searching for a Solution in order to Design a C# .NET Desktop Application with the features HTML JavaScript and CSS gives you. I was thinking the only way to do that was to Embedd Internet Control from Internet Explorer but i was wrong.

I discovered CEF(Sharp). Chromium Embedded Framework. With this Framework you are able to Manipulate every aspect of Chromium Browser and make a Fine desktop application with many custom controls, custom styling, transitions, animations and even webgl. That's awesome. You can also interact with Javascript functions, and javascript functions interact with you back. I mean a C# function call and get data from a Javascript Function and vice versa.

Is anyone familiar with CEF?

SReject  -  Oct 01, 2015

If you are looking to make a desktop app using webdev utilities you may want to look into nw.js/node-webkit. Its a runtime that makes use of node/io.js and webkit to enable the writing of native apps that utilize web technologies. As a developer you can choose to package only the html/js/css for users that already have nw.js installed or compile into an installable app with no external dependacies

ProIcons  -  Oct 02, 2015

in fact i'm considering creating a UI in WPF using Mahapps Metro, to use its flyouts and loading modals, and behind that a Panel with the CEFSharp browser controller. I mean its the same thing with the nw.js except for the node.js. In my backend that is also written in C#, i've created WebSocket Server with WebSocket-Sharp so the only thing i will need is the

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