SReject commented on a Page, mTwitch.StateToTopic.mrc  -  Sep 01, 2015

Removed coloring/formating - Users can do this with on topic if they choose

Wolfie713  -  Sep 19, 2015

Line #83 has a couple of problems with it.
First, missing a closing parenthesis (aka ")" symbol) at the end of the line. It throws an error without it.
Second, should perform "$len(%topic) &&" just before, otherwise a blank topic will throw another error.

Next, line 86 should have a conditional check to see if the topic needs to be changed, otherwise it changes the topic even if it's the same thing. That results in repeated lines of the topic being changed even though it hasn't changed.

Other than that, nice work. Don't suppose you know of a way of having user lists grabbed and making it properly +v subscribers...?

SReject  -  Oct 23, 2015

Sorry for late reply; your comment didn't pop up in notifications. I'll get these issues fixed and updated shortly. Stay tuned!

As far as subscribers is concerned, there's no web endpoint to access such information without having each streamer give the script access to such information via an OAUTH token. This would have to happen for each stream any user of the script would join. This is not viable/possible.

With that said, I am working on a script that will, when a subscriber speaks in a stream, give the user +h(half oped); followers get +v

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