Wims commented on a Page, MultiPlayer Tic Tac Toe for mIRC v0.1  -  Aug 24, 2015

You can improve it by getting the script to automatically download the icons, or you could create them with picture windows and /drawsave!

OrFeAsGr  -  Aug 25, 2015

good idea! thx!

Ashoollakhani  -  Feb 07, 2016

Where we post it?

OrFeAsGr  -  Feb 07, 2016

If you mean where to put the script, you should put in a clear remote file. :)

Ashoollakhani  -  Feb 08, 2016

also aliase?

Ashoollakhani  -  Feb 08, 2016

and how to start?

OrFeAsGr  -  Feb 10, 2016

Right click on a nickname and then click Tic Tac Toe .
Make sure the other person has the script!

Ashoollakhani  -  Feb 10, 2016

not working can you give me screen shot?

OrFeAsGr  -  Feb 11, 2016

Did you click someone that also had the script and it didn't work??
Last time i tried it it worked...
Make sure you and the other person loaded the script in a clear remote file..
I will provide even a video when i'm able but not right now..

Ashoollakhani  -  Feb 12, 2016

Pls its not working provide video or pic.

OrFeAsGr  -  Feb 21, 2016

i'm not sure about the video quality but i think you'll get the idea...

Ashoollakhani  -  Feb 23, 2016

i don't know why its not working i will again try.

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