FiberOPtics commented on a Page, /pause  -  Aug 10, 2015

Hey guys, sorry for that negative rant back there in January 2006, don't take it too seriously please :)

jaytea is right, I must have been ticked off that day, lol, embarrassing to read it in retrospect!

hixxy, I'm trying to remember your previous nickname, I've seen it in countless posts, and on the tip of my tongue, but can't quite get it.

What a great time it was in those years, back in university, all I did was go out and if i wasn't out, i was spending time on IRC. In the early years on Dalnet heavily into DBZ under the alias Perfecta_Cellka or later Cellka where I was a SOP on #dbzirc and co-founder of #dbzmedia.

FiberOPtics was my scripting alter ego that I used in the message boards, already then I didn't chat much, but the scripting was too much fun. My education and jobs have no link to coding or anything like that, but 2 years ago, for fun, decided to learn python, I missed scripting. Made an IRC chat client, a webpage with python backend, and most recently I'm using it for home automation. Guess the tinkering with code will never die.

Some of my favourites and most memorable scripters were qwerty, Online, jaytea, Iori/Pai, myndzi, Hammer. In later generations I know myggan & hixxy were also very good. I'm sure there were so many more but those names I can remember easily!

jaytea, remember when qwerty was challenging us on the regex commatizer? Man those were the days!

Have fun :)

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