raccoon commented on a Page, $formatdate alias for mIRC  -  Jun 28, 2015

Interesting approach, basically adds zero padding to selective tokens.
Just wanted to note that $asctime already supports advanced date formatting...

alias formatdate { return $asctime($ctime($1), $2-) }

The only difference here is the input date must be in the British ordering of d/m/y (eg, dd/mm/yyyy or d/mm/yy etc).
And you have access to more format outputs, as well as time formats. Type /help $asctime
(yy, yyyy, m, mm, mmm, mmmm, d, dd, ddd, dddd, oo) and (hh, H, HH, n, nn, s, ss, t, tt, T, TT, z, zz, zzz)

$formatdate(28/7/2015, mm/dd/yyyy) outputs: 07/28/2015
$formatdate(28/7/2015, dddd dd mmmm yyyy) outputs: Tuesday 28 July 2015
$formatdate(28/7/2015 17:23, ddoo of mmmm @ hh:nn tt) outputs: 28th of July @ 05:23 pm

Enjoy :)

PS. If you want a comma in your output format, you will need to use $+ $chr(44) or pass the format in a variable.
var -s %in = 28/7/2015, %fmt = mmmm dd, yyyy, %out = $formatdate(%in,%fmt) for: July 28, 2015

Vegito  -  Jun 28, 2015

Ah thanks, I see I didn't know about $asctime identifier before.

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