WildTiger commented on a Page, Youtube Script (Parse Vids and Search) v6.5  -  Jun 23, 2015

hey i like this i've been looking for this one for a long time :D then a turkish friend shared this link , anyway how to change the color of the info i'm actually new to this , i mean can you please explain , thank you :)

illhawkthat  -  Jun 29, 2015

@WildTiger to disable color type /youtube and check "Disable formatting" under basic options. To change the color, search the script for ctrl + k to find instances of the color and change to the color you would like. Hint: you might want to search var %msg first to find where the youtube output is. Did that help?

WildTiger  -  Jul 13, 2015

oh thank you so much but can't you show by a video tutorial :/ i don't know how to do that i don't know this things i can't find what you said in there ,or tell me where can i put the color where is $ number or ? i'm sorry i don't know this codes and stuff..

illhawkthat  -  Jul 13, 2015

@WildTiger What color are you trying to change and what color would you like it to be?

WildTiger  -  Oct 25, 2015

i want the info to be Black bold and red

illhawkthat  -  Oct 26, 2015

Sorry for the late reply, been a little busy and a lot lazy. I do have this on my list and will work on an update to come within the next week.
Thanks for pointing this out!

illhawkthat  -  Nov 03, 2015

@WildTiger due to the number of colors, I'm not sure which ones you'd like to change. The colors are located on lines 424 through line 430. If you'd like to update them, replace "4" (currently red) and 10 (currently blue) with whichever colors you'd like. Use the index from this list, http://www.mirc.com/colors.html - let me know if you need help!

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