RussellReal commented on a Page, Botmail  -  Jan 13, 2007

\"elseif $1 == !del:{\" suspicious :o and more on that note pretty sure won\'t trigger, I know if statements trigger without () but process faster with them so there is less prediction needed for the client to process, and I would have to press the fact that, hash shouldn\'t be used really for long term storing of data, it could, butt it shouldn\'t because it uses RAM which you prolly have alot of but some people JUST BARELY have enough RAM to keep their operating system good, and Therefore I use them only for sockets and such where its opened and closed within seconds, and, as a alternative to hash tables, I really like ini, and I kinda find them to work better, and they are way more organised, I say that because hash never stays in order, the item name may stay the same but when you loop through a table it will NEVER stay the same order UNLESS its a smaller scale table, and even still you can\'t be too certain, but ini is better in that department. $ini == $readini\'s lil counterpart and together you can incorperate awesome amounts of data into scripts which might require that much. hope Any of my advice helps :s

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