DonCorleone commented on a Page, Got a another script problem  -  May 19, 2015

!k nickname time

!k DonCorleone 5

DonCorleone  -  May 19, 2015
BitHelper  -  May 19, 2015

That's not really want.

DonCorleone  -  May 20, 2015

This is a kickban script, with minutes you can give the time how long you want to ban somebody like 5 for 5 minutes etc etc...

BitHelper  -  May 21, 2015

Yes I but want to be something more then minutes. I want to be able to ban users for like a Day a week or just a year. Not minutes.

DonCorleone  -  May 22, 2015

if you can count minutes than you can give people bans to for a week or month or year

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