SReject   -  Apr 21, 2015

@Hawkee domain has expired. since you own, figured you might want to be informed to grab that one as soon as it's available(27 day grace period before it can be grabbed)

Hawkee  -  Apr 21, 2015

Bummer for fubar. Hopefully he realizes he let it lapse and picks it back up. I don't own, but the owner just directs it here because he no longer has a site there. I have no real need for an mIRC related domain as mIRC has lost most of its popularity over the past 10 years.

SReject  -  Apr 22, 2015

fubar let it expire. He stated he no longer has the time or interest in maintaining the site and after being gone from the irc/mIRC community for so long he doesn't really know anyone he can trust to manage it for him.

Hawkee  -  Apr 22, 2015

Honestly, I'm not sure it is worth the cost of ownership even if it does provide some search and residual traffic. mIRC related traffic never had much monetary value and with the current loss of interest it'll continue to drop. If you want it, see if you can catch it when it is available.

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