Hawkee   -  Apr 15, 2015

Has anybody started using Google Inbox yet? I really like the design and UX. I haven't opened Gmail for a couple days and I don't miss it yet.

Hawkee  -  Apr 25, 2015

I quite like it. What didn't you like about it? It helps me keep track of my promo and forum emails a bit better than the gmail tabbed solution.

sean  -  May 07, 2015

I like Inbox but, sometimes it feels difficult to find one-off emails.

Hawkee  -  May 07, 2015

I agree. I wish I could search a thread. That's the main shortcoming IMO.

illhawkthat  -  May 10, 2015

I use it but only on mobile, I like snooze feature (had used mailbox from dropbox previously) but don't like it to replace desktop interface.

Hawkee  -  May 11, 2015

I like the desktop interface much more than the normal one. There are a couple quirks that need to be ironed out though.

illhawkthat  -  May 11, 2015

Interesting. I don't think it uses the space well, the minimalist design looks good on mobile because it takes up my screen, but on desktop it's just unused real estate.
But past that I use a few tweaks for gmail on desktop that I wouldn't want to give up for inbox. https://mixmax.com has some cool features

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