Sorasyn   -  Mar 30, 2015

For the past few months I've been oddly fascinated by the creativity and projects created using a simple Raspberry Pi board. So I decided to pick one up for myself, along with a few gadgets for my little Raspberry Pi 2, as a sort of "starter kit." Among those gadgets are a Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi USB dongle.

I was particularly fascinated by a fellow who had written a program to detect when certain registered Bluetooth devices came within range of the device. He had mounted his module in his house, clocking recognized devices as they came and went from the house as the day progressed. He then used this data, maintained a list of who was currently at home, and presented this data to the owner over the internet.

Aside from that, a cheap $35 quad-core home-based file server is never a bad thing.

[Plornt]  -  Mar 31, 2015

Nice, I use mine as a media centre as it was the only thing I could really think to do with it. They're cool to have and fairly cheap so its worth having one around for quick projects. Gunna do anything cool with yours or just keep it as a file server?

BlueThen  -  Mar 31, 2015

Cool stuff. My friend worked at a startup based on similar principles. Stores and shops could get statistical data on how many people passed by the front, how many were returning, etc.

Hawkee  -  Apr 03, 2015

They're pretty neat devices. I have a friend who is building a surveillance system with a pi and a webcam. I'm sure you can do a quick search to find all sorts of neat pi projects.

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