MaSOuD commented on a mIRC Script, mBOT v2.0.0b2  -  Feb 27, 2015

mBOT v2.0 is coming...

Finally I've decided (after almost 5 years) to release the next version of mBOT.

I'm gonna be needing some beta testers to debug and test it.

If you're interested to becoming a beta tester, please reply to this post (or e-mail me) and I'll be sending you the link in next several days...

I'll be posting screenshots of new mBOT here soon.


Cheiron  -  Feb 28, 2015

I have used the previous versions on numerous occasions and would be interested in trialing the new version. I am on mirc 6.35 still.
One thing i must ask... is.... will this version be anope 2 series friendly as an awful lot has changed since anope swapped to their new series

MaSOuD  -  Mar 08, 2015
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