Wims commented on a Page, Simple board game: Goose (PicWin)  -  Feb 22, 2015

So i played with Glowball, noticed some things:
-We have no idea of the rules being applied to the player, we just see the pawns moving on the board, you should perhaps adds some messages to what is happening cause right now it's really just a click game :p
-At the end, Glowball needed a 5 to win, he got a 1 and won anyway,

SykO  -  Feb 22, 2015

Thanks for testing it, I do have plans on finishing it, adding messages, better animations, and maybe a socket connection option. About Glowball winning, he might of landed on box 59 which pushes you to the end, if he had landed on 58 he would have gone back to the start. As I have mention on the original post, some boxes take you closer to the goal, while other take you further away from it.

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