CP1832 commented on a Page, RSS Feed Reader for eggdrop  -  Feb 02, 2015

Hi Ford:

I have been using this script and noticed that when adding a feed via addxml, it works flawlessly. However, when trying to add another via feed via plain add (which, as per my my understanding, loads the feed via google apis) the script is added, but no updates at all are sent to the channel. Is it possible that the parsing for the main function is broken?

revaNplays  -  Feb 26, 2015

Yea mine does the same :S Got any fix?

My feed is the following http://www.reddit.com/r/TheRealmOfMianite/new.rss yet all I can get it to post is on startup it shows
" Reddit newest submissions : TheRealmOfMianite http://www.reddit.com/r/TheRealmOfMianite/"

What am I doing wrong?

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