cptpan   -  Dec 28, 2014

I have no fucking idea how to work this website any more.

Why does the search never find anything?

Hawkee  -  Dec 28, 2014

I'm sorry, the search server had crashed and I just brought it back online.

cptpan  -  Jan 01, 2015

That makes sense.

I still have trouble navigating. I prefer the version of the site when I first signed up years ago :3

Hawkee  -  Jan 01, 2015

I'm open to suggestions. What are you trying to navigate to?

cptpan  -  Jan 01, 2015

Well I do a search, then drill down on mIRC (which is apparently pages?) but how can I sort by date and other things?

cptpan  -  Jan 01, 2015

I just want to search the snippets easily like I used to be able to. The platform used on this website is really different to other stuff I've seen.

Hawkee  -  Jan 01, 2015

I've opted for more of a search engine style browsing mechanism. Most people are looking for something specific, so the search query should dictate the results. Just use a longer search query if you can't find what you're looking for. If you are simply browsing for new content you can use the Explore section.

cptpan  -  Jan 18, 2015

Is there any way to filter search results? I can't find any.

Hawkee  -  Jan 18, 2015

You can use negatives search queries to filter the results. What are you looking for specifically? I can give you some examples.

cptpan  -  Jan 23, 2015

I just want to search for mirc scripts/snippets only, sort by date and using a keyword.

I don't mean to be painful, I just got so used to the old website.

Tbh I'm surprised you even responded to my very first comment lol.

Hawkee  -  Jan 24, 2015

@cptpan You can do a search like "mirc away" or "mirc bot" to limit your results to mIRC scripts/snippets. The results are automatically sorted by a balance of relevancy and date, so the more specific your search is the better results you'll get. As for the first comment, I'd appreciate it if you edited out the swear word. I need to add censorship back in so that doesn't show up.

cptpan  -  Feb 07, 2015

Yeah right

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