RoninWarrior commented on a Page, !8ballBot  -  Dec 26, 2006

mysterycool about your snippet not bad for your first.Ok lets start with the the top here the /set you dont need the / in there irc will process with out it as also with the .msg and /msg you dont need the . or the / in there either. ok know for the rest of the code it all works pretty good even though there is a hundred diffrent ways you can write this out yours works good ok . and for saveing your replys to a .txt file there is no need because you only have 6 replys so on that note do a search for on this site through the addons and snippets to see what else you could add to this snippet to make it better and diffrent from the other 100 8ball scripts that are already here.Like dialogs hash tables make some thing diffrent and better then the rest and your 8ball script will stand out from the rest and good luck.

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