Truk   -  Nov 06, 2014

I have a hash table with items and descriptions in the table. when a person joins my channel/chat my script echo's to me information from the hash table. However if the table does not have a matching item my script still fires an echo line but the line does not contain any information because there is not a matching item in the hash table.

My line of script is below. I have this line within an if statement also. In an attempt to stop the script on no matching items I tried an if line like if ($gettok($hget(nicktrack,%ip),1,32) == $null) { halt } in the if loop which my statement below is in but this did not stop it from firing.

/echo -t $chan 11 New Join by: $gettok($hget(nicktrack,%ip),1,32) as $nick

Any Ideas?
Thanks for your help if you can!!

Truk  -  Dec 22, 2014

Figured it out :)

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