sean   -  Oct 14, 2014

@Hawkee Looks some of the bbcode isn't being translated into markdown. I noticed Color and Url.

Hawkee  -  Oct 14, 2014

It should support URLs, but I intentionally left color out as there isn't a Markdown equivalent nor do I think it's a good idea to have multicolored pages. Do you have a URL example that doesn't work?

sean  -  Oct 15, 2014

I've replaced bbcode URL with the markdown equivalent already but it was the Samba Configuration Example. Color aside, URL had not been converted to markdown even after saving a few times.

Hawkee  -  Oct 15, 2014

The old BBCode won't be converted in the database but only for the front end. You have to manually change it before saving it. Do you remember what format you used for the URL's? I'm handling the [ url=http... ] My link [ /url ] format as well as the basic [ url ] http... [ /url ] format.

sean  -  Oct 15, 2014

It was [ url=http ]. I had actually changed it then resaved (as bbocde) and it had not been converted to markdown - neither in the preview or saved state.

Hawkee  -  Oct 15, 2014

Hmm, I just tested it locally and it seems to parse. Can you give me the exact BBCode that you used?

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