BlueThen   -  Oct 06, 2014

I'm not sure what your views are on this, but do you think could display full names rather than aliases (perhaps, as an option)?
I can see becoming another website people refer to on their resumes, portfolios, etc.

It's always a little awkward explaining to people (esp. potential employers) that BlueThen was an alias I chose during my gamer days when I was 9 or 10.

Another thought along this line is unique URLs for users. For example, vs

Hawkee  -  Oct 06, 2014

There are a couple ways to go about this. One solution is to open the username field up to changes while calling it "Name". We'd also have to change the authentication system to require the email address rather than name to login.

Another solution is to keep the username for logins and add a new field called "Display Name" like Twitter does it.

BlueThen  -  Oct 06, 2014

I was thinking the "Display Name" route would be best, since we log in by username anyway.

Hawkee  -  Oct 06, 2014

Yes and it's a proven method considering how Twitter does it.

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