Hawkee   -  Oct 02, 2014

We just pushed out a major site upgrade. Here is the changelog:

  • Markdown support!
    • Can be used on threads, comments and snippet pages
    • Code can be fenced by ``` above and below.
    • Automatically converts older BBCode to Markdown
  • New Page editor for snippets
    • Live previews
    • Raw Markdown editor
    • Full page editor
    • New control panel
  • New Page layout for snippet pages and profile pages
    • Larger, more clear page headings
    • Code boxes have a new, lighter theme
  • Refreshed look on the Activity Stream
    • Snippet excerpts now included
    • Multiple languages listed when applicable

For information about how to use Markdown, refer to our guide: Hawkee Flavored Markdown

Hawkee  -  Oct 02, 2014

Let me know if you find any bugs or formatting issues.

BlueThen  -  Oct 02, 2014

I noticed on this post, if you click anywhere on the list region, it doesn't expand.

Hawkee  -  Oct 03, 2014

@BlueThen Thank you, good catch! Have a chance to test the new editor?

Yawhatnever  -  Oct 05, 2014

@Hawkee You should add a link that appears when posting which directs to a quick markdown guide with examples of basic things like code blocks, quotes, bolds/underline/italics, and links (for people such as myself who have never really used it before). BBcode is much easier for me to remember how to do things because it's been popular on forums for so long and feels intuitive, but markdown is just entirely different.

A way to preview the post before it's made to double check the styling would be nice, but editing the post multiple times works too.

Hawkee  -  Oct 05, 2014

There is a preview option on the control bar. You can check the final output before posting.

Yawhatnever  -  Oct 05, 2014

What about for posting comments?

Hawkee  -  Oct 05, 2014

Not yet, but I plan to add that. I'd also like to add drafts to save unpublished pages.

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