Hawkee   -  Sep 26, 2014

Here's a look at the new snippet pages. I'm still considering what to call these pages since "snippet" doesn't necessarily capture the true intent. We're moving more toward "articles", but I don't necessarily like that word. I'm open to suggestions. What if we call them Readme's or Commentaries?

SReject  -  Sep 26, 2014

I think 'snippets' is suitable, as that's where people post code that really isn't an entire script/code-base. If you look at my uploads, most are tools, that serve no purpose as a standalone 'app', but rather are used to ease the making of 'apps'

'Readme' reads as though its just documentation which is far from what the 'snippet' section actually is.

Hawkee  -  Sep 26, 2014

To me a snippet implies a small chunk of code without commentary. My goal is to give developers a platform to write about development and offer snippets within their commentary. I think the terms "Story" or "Commentary" better embody this. Maybe we can have two posting options: "Commentary Thread" and "Commentary Page". Then we can call Hawkee a development commentary platform.

sean  -  Sep 27, 2014

It seems as if Hawkee is becoming a mix between Stackoverflow and Nettus. I'm not sure I dig the "Post a Commentary" phrase but, I do love the addition of Markdown.

Hawkee  -  Sep 27, 2014

Nettus, maybe, but not StackOverflow in that we aren't a Q&A site. I really like what Medium has done and I'm aiming for more of a Twitter/Medium feel for developers.

Hawkee  -  Sep 27, 2014

I'm not sold on "Commentary" either, but I just don't think the term "Snippet" accurately defines an article about how to develop. I may just call it a "Page" or how about "Screen" as a play between a mobile screen and a Linux screen?

sean  -  Sep 29, 2014

The plethora of "need help" mIRC Scripting threads are what really what remind me of SO.

an article about how to developWhy not call them "Developer How To's" or something? I'm sure that'd be great for SEO :P

Hawkee  -  Sep 29, 2014

Yes, we actually don't allow questions in the form of a snippet and I've been deleting some of them as they come. Not sure I like "How to" because I'd like to encourage interesting development stories as well. I'm leaning toward "Page" for that reason.

Hawkee  -  Sep 30, 2014

I'm leaning toward "Snippet Page", but I also came across the word "Guide". I'm not sure how I feel about it just yet, but it does have some positive implications.

sean  -  Sep 30, 2014

"Snippet Page" sounds awkward; "Guide" has much better appeal imo.

Hawkee  -  Sep 30, 2014

Although "Guide" implies a tutorial or instructional document which I'd like to avoid being limited to. I'd even like to encourage stories or experiences as a developer. For that I may just add two buttons to the homepage: "Create Thread" and "Create Page".

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