TochA1551   -  Sep 13, 2014

Need help with one thing (mIRC scripting) :

How can i send ChanServ or NickServ notification to #channel / nickname after eg. User1 will type !opme command ?

Any help ? :)

Resinator  -  Sep 14, 2014

on *:TEXT:!opme:#:/cs op # $nick

This would use chanserv to op any person that typed !opme, not really sure what you mean by sending nickserv or chanserv notification to #channel.

TochA1551  -  Sep 15, 2014

Well thats not exactly what i need.

I need help about:
User1 type !setop OLX
Bot will try to set his op status permanent by /cs aop $chan add $2
And if bot will recove: - ChanServ - You are not allowed to set this value it will re-send the alert to $chan where the !setop command where used

DruidTroy  -  Sep 16, 2014

you will need to use an ifthen definition in that line ... look up if-then in mIRC help

DruidTroy  -  Sep 16, 2014

then again if you are using a channel bot in a room the channel bot should be an SOP at least if not in founder and then in the bot you set your permissions with the bot, and if a user does the command they do not have the access for the bot should just respond in notice or msg they do not have the correct level

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